Some pictures say a thousand words. This one saves a thousand lives.

From the Sahara to the Pacific to your backyard, we’re making a difference. And with your help, we can continue to rescue animals in need, rehabilitate them back to health, and safely release them back into secure and sustainable habitats.

By giving our animals a fighting chance, you’ll get a limited-edition symbol of your support.

We can’t do it without you.

We’re raising $350,000 to support rescue and conservation efforts across the globe.


About the Artist

Donal Boyd

Donal Boyd is an American fine art photographer, whose mission it is to advocate for the protection and well-being of wildlife around the world. His imagery is often featured by prominent media outlets, exhibited in world-renowned galleries, and followed faithfully by hundreds of thousands across social media.

Put art on your walls. Keep endangered species off theirs.

With your support, we’ll work tirelessly to find real solutions that make a lasting impact.

Together, we will…

  • Rescue

    From domestic animals to wildlife, we work across the globe to rescue and rehabilitate animals in crisis.

  • Conserve

    By addressing the needs of both animals and people, we’re combatting the challenges posed by urbanization, human-wildlife conflict, and other issues created by human interference.

  • Advocate

    To deliver lasting change, we advocate for effective, enforceable laws that protect animals and their habitats.

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